EmblemHealth Medicare Plan Hearing Aid Benefits

73,461 Total Members

OTC Supplemental Benefits Prescription Hearing Aid Coverage
Company Plan name Plan type OTC Supplement OTC Rolls Over? Annual OTC Supplement Coverage? Covered Amount Covers OTC Aids? Coinsurance? Copay? Prior Authorization? Need Referral? Enrollees
EmblemHealth EmblemHealth VIP Dual (HMO D-SNP)
HMO $110 per Month No $1,320 Yes $1,500 No No No No No 18,196
EmblemHealth EmblemHealth VIP Rx Carveout (HMO)
HMO No $0 No 16,307
EmblemHealth EmblemHealth VIP Premier (HMO)
HMO No $0 No 15,302
EmblemHealth EmblemHealth VIP Reserve Classic (HMO)
HMO $25 per Month No $300 Yes $750 No No No No No 9,967
EmblemHealth EmblemHealth VIP Gold (HMO)
HMO No $0 Yes $2,400 No No No No No 6,309
EmblemHealth EmblemHealth VIP Essential (HMO)
HMO No $0 Yes $900 No No No No No 5,382
EmblemHealth EmblemHealth VIP Dual Reserve (HMO D-SNP)
HMO $20 per Month No $0 No 1,017
EmblemHealth EmblemHealth VIP Gold Plus (HMO)
HMO No $0 Yes $3,000 No No No No No 693
EmblemHealth EmblemHealth VIP Rx Saver (HMO)
HMO $125 per Month No $0 Yes $1,500 No No No No No 251
EmblemHealth EmblemHealth Group Access Rx (PPO)
Local PPO No $0 No 37

Plan Claims Contact Information

Organization Name: Emblem Health
Contact Name: Linda Henderson
Title: VP, Claims Operations
Phone: 1-646-447-6795
Email: lhenderson@emblemhealth.com

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