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MDHearing created FreeHearingTest.org as a service to offer free phone-based hearing screening tests to anyone who wants to see if they have potential hearing loss. MDHearing is one of the largest direct-to-consumer sellers of hearing aids in the US, having sold over 500,000 hearing aids in the last decade. MDHearing's staff brings a wealth of medical and hearing experience, and strives to continually make hearing help more affordable and more accessible. 

MDHearing cares deeply about improving peoples' lives through better hearing. In addition to offering high-quality, affordable hearing aids, MDHearing works with charities to provide free hearing aids to those in need. In 2020, MDHearingAid and Housing Opportunities and Maintenance for the Elderly (H.O.M.E.) launched a program to donate over $100,000 worth of hearing aids to low-income seniors in the Chicago area.

Free hearing screening tests represent just the first step in FreeHearingTest.org's mission. Moving forward, FreeHearingTest.org plans to become a full-fledged charity and give away free hearing aids to those in need. Please stay tuned to our blog for updates.

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FreeHearingTest.org exists to help the 48 million Americans who suffer some level of hearing loss. Our free phone hearing screening test helps people understand their potential level of hearing loss. We provide helpful tools and advice so people with hearing loss can live fuller, richer lives.

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