About Our Phone Hearing Screening Test

Our phone hearing screening test is a completely phone-based hearing screening test. You can take it with a landline phone or smartphone - either will work. We based our phone screening test off of the research study Telephone screening tests for functionally impaired hearing: current use in seven countries and development of a US version

phone hearing test
Take our phone-based hearing screening test right over the phone

Why Offer a Free Phone-Based Hearing Screening Test?

We want to make sure anyone can have a hearing screening test that wants to. Offering a free test over the phone allows us to reach the largest amount of people. The test works with both landline and mobile phones. 

How Does The Free Phone-Based Hearing Screening Test Work?

Our phone hearing screening test tests how well a person understands speech in different levels of background noise. The test plays three spoken digits in differing levels of background noise. If the person identifies the three spoken digits, the screening test increases the background noise louder for the next question. If the person answer incorrectly, the test makes the background noise quieter for the next question. The screening test takes the user through ten questions for each ear.

What Can the Phone-Based Hearing Screening Test Measure, and What Can It Not?

The phone-based hearing screening test measures the severity of hearing loss, but not the type of hearing loss. If the test results indicate a person may have hearing loss, we recommend taking an online hearing test and consulting with a licensed Audiologist or other hearing professional to discuss options. We offer a helpful listing of hearing clinics for those looking to speak with a professional in person. 

What Do the Screening Test Results Look Like?

After taking the screening test, the screening test taker can view his/her results, which look like this:

phone hearing screening test results
The results from a sample phone-based hearing screening test

The results show the screening test takers correct and incorrect attempts at identifying the three spoken digits in background noise, and the decibel level of the background noise compared to the spoken voice. 


FreeHearingTest.org exists to help the 48 million Americans who suffer some level of hearing loss. Our free phone hearing screening test helps people understand their potential level of hearing loss. We provide helpful tools and advice so people with hearing loss can live fuller, richer lives.

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