Blue Shield TotalDual Plan (HMO D-SNP)


Blue Shield TotalDual Plan (HMO D-SNP)

plan information last updated July 1, 2022

Company: Blue Shield of California
Plan enrollment: 2,403
Total monthly premium: $0
Max annual payment: No Maximum Payment
Plan link on Plan on
Plan website:
Plan member phone number: 800-776-4466
Plan prospect phone number: 888-534-4263

Hearing & Hearing Aid Coverage

Does plan cover hearing aids?: Yes
How many hearing aids does the plan allow? 2 per Every year
What is the max coverage amount? $2,000
Is the benefit per ear or for both ears combined?: Both ears combined
Is the benefit ONLY available in-network? Can be out of network
What time period does the coverage apply to? Every year
Is there a maximum out of pocket cost? No out of pocket maximum
Does the member have to pay Coinsurance? No coinsurance required
Is a CoPay required? No
Is Prior Authorization Needed? No
Is Physician Referral Needed? No