Do You Qualify For Free Hearing Aids?

Check your zip code now to see if you qualify for FREE hearing aids through your Medicare Advantage or Federal Insurance plan, up to $5000. Almost every zipcode in the country has Medicare Advantage plans that offer coverage with ZERO out of pocket costs.

Want To Test Your Hearing In Under 5 Minutes?

Our mission is to help anyone find out if they have potential hearing loss by offering a free hearing screening test. You can take our test with a simple phone call in less than 5 minutes, and get results instantly. Our phone-based hearing test:

  • Is absolutely FREE
  • Takes less than 5 minutes
  • Gives you results right over the phone
  • Does NOT require you to give your email address

Call (833) 635-0016 Now To Test Your Hearing exists to help the 48 million Americans who suffer some level of hearing loss. Our free phone hearing screening test helps people understand their potential level of hearing loss. We provide helpful tools and advice so people with hearing loss can live fuller, richer lives.

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